Bottas Takes Pole For US Grand Prix

November 13, 2019

Valtteri Bottas is alive and hopes to postpone the celebration of the sixth World Championship held by Lewis Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton), who hopes to set a lap record on Saturday and win the US Grand Prix. Thereby obtaining the pole position.

The Finns must win on Sunday and hope that his Mercedes-Benz teammates will remain in the top eight to keep the championship alive. He scored the best lap in 1 minute 32.029 seconds, which is 0.012 seconds higher than Ferrari’s second place Sebastian Vettel.

Max Verstappen ranks third in the Red Bull Racing team and fifth in the second Ferrari team, Charles Leclerc and Hamilton.

This was the worst career career in the United States when he was elected, but he was only three-tenths behind his teammates.

Since the German Grand Prix in July, Hamilton has now been smooth sailing.

For Bottas, this is the first shot in the United States. His fifth shot this season is also the eleventh part of his career. He played the best in the first game of the third quarter. A lap is still fast enough to make him the best starting point.

Alex Albon ranks sixth in the second Red Bull Racing team, ahead of two McLarens of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris The team, Daniel Ricciardo ranked 9th in the Renault team and Pierre Gasly ranked 10th in the Toro Rosso team.

Botas said: “I am very happy about this, this is a good lap – it feels good to get such a lap on such a track.”

“On the last lap, I lost my grip on the whole, so I am very happy that there was no progress at the end of the second round. Yesterday (Friday) was tricky for me, so I have to work today and be in the first Find what you need in the third quarter.”

In the apparently warm conditions, many people were forced to give up their jackets and jackets. Leclerc was eager to leave an early impression after missing the morning meeting due to an engine failure in the first quarter.

Before Norris won the championship for a short time, he led a circle at the fastest speed of 1:33.454 on the rejuvenated Hamilton.

Verstappen is still frustrated after being stripped of pole position in Mexico a week ago. Red Bull is second in the Red Bull Racing team, followed by Bottas, the second Mercedes.

The Finns, as always, are unwavering and can only maintain their title by winning and hoping to get a rare defeat from the top eight from their teammates.

The Bottas engineer said: “We think the track has improved, so we have to go one more round.” He and Hamilton are not on the scene to deepen their understanding of the track in a changing situation.

Unexpectedly, when they did, Norris surpassed Q1, while Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) Raikkonen) and Williams’ two men, George Russell and Robert Kubica, were separated by Sergio Perez.

The Mexicans will depart from the Sunday maintenance area on Friday due to heavy ground-level penalties.

The Mercedes driver of two medium-duty compound tires used the same rubber for the first time in the second quarter with the Ferrari.

Hamilton led Bottas until Red Bull’s Verstappen (medium level) and Albon (smooth) ranked third and first, sandwiching Hamilton.

Albon’s lap time at 1:32.898 allowed him to enter Hamilton’s 2018 qualifying record, while the top six flew out of the second flight only three and a tenths of a second.

Leclerc leads the Ferrari teammate Vettel into the top ten shootouts, while Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat, Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg, Haas Kevin Magnussen (Haas), Lance Stroll at the match point and Romain Grosjean at the second Haas.

Like Vestapeng, Magnussen and Sainz are also eligible to start their 100th Grand Prix.

In the third quarter, Botts broke Hamilton’s qualifying record in the first round of Hamilton, leading the British Vettel, Verstappen and Leclerc is tied for fifth and tenths with the British.