Beyond the Theme Parks, How Adventures by Disney Opens a Whole New World of Travel?

October 12, 2019

I am not always a Disney. People who know me in their twenties or thirties know this. I mean, for sure, I know that other people might like to travel with Disney, but that’s definitely not for me. I like hiking, hiking, camping. Not a crowd, not a theme park ride, not a Disney.

Still I think.
When I first took the children to visit Walt Disneyland, I realized: “Maybe it’s not bad.” As the journey progressed, the result turned out to be: “Actually, I enjoyed this.” A Disney cruise with my big family, from “Disney World is fun, but I still don’t want to travel around the world with Disney” until “Please sign me and go to Disney, cruise now.”

So, when I had the opportunity to experience the third pillar of Disney’s travel experience (with a guided vacation with Disney’s Adventures), I seized the opportunity. The trip – a short flight to New York City – did not disappoint.
If you’re not sure if your Disney counterpart is right for you, or even if you’re not sure what it means to be with Disney, then you need to learn about Disney’s guided adventures.

What does Disney travel mean?
I often tell people that Disney holidays can be as much or less as you wish. Not into the princess and headwear? no problem. Don’t like Star Wars? – What happened to you? – But, on Disney vacation, you will be fine. Not at all like the theme park experience. The Disney Adventures are related to Disney’s way of doing things, not to the Disney Entertainment brand.
When traveling on Disney, you’ll get: friendly staff, VIP access and a unique experience. Everything else about Disney – superheroes, Jedi Knights, princesses – just curtains, you can soak or put it on your liking.

Disney and Disney Cruise Line’s Adventures are travel companies that offer a unique experience that delivers quality travel. They are not all Disney, immersive experience all the time – unless otherwise noted (for example, Sea Star Wars Day on the cruise).

VIP channel
Before I traveled with Disney, what I didn’t know the most was the value-added experience that I could only get with them. My recent trip to Disney with Disney’s adventure is a good example: I used to live and work in New York, and I have to visit the city at least three or four times a year. But borrowing Disney’s words, I saw the city as “a new world” in Disney’s “New York Short Film Escape”.

In the course of a few days, I saw parts of the city that most New Yorkers might have never been to: I’m working behind the scenes at Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre, which is performing at Disney’s Aladdin, exploring the scene and trying Use past original costumes such as Mary Poppins and The Lion King. I sat in the front seat and broadcasted “Good Morning America” ​​and visited the ABC TV studio. After performing “Frozen: Broadway Musical” (with front row orchestra seats) on the spot, I met several actors after the rest of the crowd came home.

This is not a typical New York City getaway. This is something I can never accomplish on my own. The experience of Disney’s Adventures is essentially a VIP certificate to the city’s most popular attractions.

Quality service
Disney is everywhere compared to people who are traveling. Whether it’s the staff of Disney Cruises or the guide of your two Disney adventures, you can feel that the people who accompany you on vacation really like work.

Compare it to anything you actually encounter at the airport and you’ll start to understand this photo. Being with someone who likes what they do can be contagious, especially when they do something to make sure you have a good trip.

Unique travel experience
The Disney Adventures are tailored to each journey to your destination. My vacation in New York feels a lot like Manhattan: Broadway shows, TV studio visits, Times Square hotels, upscale restaurants.

My wife and I spent an afternoon studying dance steps in the Broadway dance studio, but in Wyoming, you will ride horseback riding. In Peru, you will visit Machu Picchu; in Japan, you will learn to dance the samurai sword; in Tuscany, you will make pizza in the country farmhouse; in Rome, you will enter privately after work. Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums.

These are not the experiences you might get in another holiday.

Dozens of destinations
The Disney Adventures offer holidays on six continents. Have long-distance travel and escape from a short distance. Disney Cruises sails from the US coast and travels extensively throughout South America, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Canada and New England. If you always want to go somewhere, Disney is likely to take you there in a unique way.
New for 2019, Adventures by Disney is introducing Short Escapes to Boston, Vancouver, and London.

Other quick getaways include trips to New York City, San Francisco, Southern California, Wyoming, Barcelona, and Rome.

Everything Is Included

And finally: It’s all a package deal. Hotel accommodations, tickets and admissions, transportation on the trip, luggage handling, snacks, most meals, and two guides—everything is already baked into the price of your trip.