Autumn Weekends in Tuscany at Villa Lena

September 4, 2019

Villa Lena, a popular artist resort and farm in the Tuscan countryside, has announced that its fall will last for the first time until November, when the estate will open from Thursday to Sunday and launch the fall weekend. In addition, the estate will be reopened, especially the New Year celebrations from December 27, 2019 to January 5, 2020, providing the ultimate winter holiday for cultural enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts.

Throughout the autumn, Villa Lena promises to enjoy a truly unique break in the gentle Tuscan sunshine and start seasonal activities in September. With the start of the tartufio bianco (white truffle) season in the region, Villa Lena will host traditional truffle hunting from the highly skilled agricultural team and the Lagotto Romagnola dog. There will also be opportunities to experience the fresh truffles in the best possible way; shaved on the homemade Tuscany pasta with a glass of Villa Lena’s own rose wine.

Other new activities in the fall include animal viewing, where guests can see local deer, wild boar and mouflons while enjoying a sunset picnic with a bottle of red wine, and the Villa Lena agricultural team will pass through 2000 olive trees from the manor Organic techniques for picking extra virgin olive oil. A new fodder and hiking vineyard collection will be launched in September, and guests will have the opportunity to learn about the estate’s grape harvest and taste some outdoor wines.

The November Fall Weekend collection is perfect for families looking for a unique break, friends and couples, surrounded by nature. The weekend will be fully programmed, including new seasonal events, yoga, hiking, wine tasting, cooking classes and game nights, as well as art workshops such as basket weaving led by local Tuscan artisans. With biodynamic vineyards and agriculture, organic kitchen gardens, specialty produce and creative cuisine and food culture, Villa Lena is ideally placed to experience the best harvest season in Italy in the enchanting setting of wild Tuscany.