August 22, 2019

RekaTravel was created to fill society’s need for a positive, interesting worldwide news. We share content that will make readers feel better about themselves or the world around them after they’ve read it. Through an understanding of content creation and social sharing, we publish some of the most popular stories on the Web, exploring culture, lifestyle, human insight, and current events. Inspiring and uplifting content delivered straight to you. Everyone needs a news, and RekaTravel will bump the joy into your life. We do this in several ways:

  • Highlight social issues across the globe
  • Motivate actions of positive change
  • Inject joy into people’s lives
  • Enable people to think, dream, learn, and imagine
  • Inspire emotion that encourages people to feel more connected to one another
  • Provide resources for personal growth
  • Offer the opportunity to discover and appreciate our amazing world