6 Summer Travel Trends to See in 2019

October 3, 2019

There has never been a better summer trip than this. This summer’s summer travel trend tends to be a personalized vacation and focus on a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The following are the most noteworthy summer travel trends in 2019.

South American eclipse
Whether you have a serious ROMO (sorry loss) for the eclipse of 2017, or a full path throughout the United States, or just think that there is no time to bathe in the glory of nature as it is now, you have a chance to Your dream of watching the solar eclipse in South America this summer is coming true.

The eclipse of eclipse in Chile and Argentina is in full swing, as these countries wait for their privileged position on the overall road on July 2. The good news is that the eclipse passes through the best dark sky reserves in the African continent, which means you can track incredible sunglasses with unparalleled stargazing.

Genealogy travel
Most of our ancestors have gone a long way, bringing us to where we are today, and more and more of us as travelers are returning to find our family origins. This summer, ancestral travel (sometimes called DNA travel or genealogy travel) is as popular as ever, and travelers have found ways to rediscover their roots.

For those who have been bitten by a family tree error, it is natural to explore some of the destinations represented in the family tree as a trip. For curious newcomers, there are many simple ways to figure out how to contact ancestors and travel. This concludes with an overview of how to start with a genealogy kit using a DNA test kit. Travelers who need expert help in making genealogical travel can find tours (including Ancestry.com group tours).

New stopover
Adding a free other destination to your next vacation with a stopover is nothing new. However, the biggest thing this summer is the expansion of airlines that provide subsidies. Providers of long-term stopovers include Icelandair, Hawaiian Airlines, Emirates and TAP. Recently, the new plans of Brussels Airlines and Swissair have added more excellent options to the list of possibilities for stopovers. These stopover programs offer a variety of benefits, including vacation packages for hotels and rail passes; free access to tourist attractions; and more. This means you don’t have to spend extra time planning. You can log in for free, explore and continue on a richer journey, as you can explore other cities at no extra cost.

Popular culture travel
With the enthusiasm of the last season of Game of Thrones and the eager anticipation of Disneyland’s new Star Wars-themed Milky Way edge, pop culture is more than ever stimulating interest in destination search.

Game fans of power held a fountain show twice a night in Bellagio, Las Vegas, and enjoyed a treat in Las Vegas (watching here). The location of the GOT (such as Northern Ireland and Croatia) has attracted a large number of visitors who want to have a real peep in the incredible context of the show.

At the same time, fans of Star Wars are waiting for the beginning of the Galaxy Edge, which opened on May 31 (Disneyland is the interactive fantasy paradise of the battle of all things), tilting towards Southern California. As the attraction debuts throughout the year, visitors will have the opportunity to fly the Millennium Falcon, join the Resistance Army, build custom lightsabers, and design robots.

Affordable, barrier-free Hawaii
After years of expectation, Southwest Airlines opened its first route to the West Coast and Hawaii. It is true that the airline is actively pricing its Hawaiian route, reducing fares compared to competitors including Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. In order to remain competitive, Hawaiian Airlines announced that it will also begin to sell basic economic fares. It is difficult to decide which island to go to? This is our guide to the best islands in Hawaii. Spoiler alert: It all depends on what you want to do and what you’re looking at.

Cruise ship with the destination in the first place
Ten years ago, even five years ago, no one would think that the cruise industry pays special attention to the environment or culture. However, in recent years, the promotion of a more responsible environment has been driven by forward-looking cruise companies.

Example: This summer, Celebrity Cruises debuted at Celebrity Flora, a superyacht for up to 100 passengers built for the sustainable development of the Galapagos Islands. The boat was built with the local ecosystem in mind: as one of the world’s greenest boats, it has features such as anchorless positioning to protect the seabed, reduce fuel consumption, and provide indoor water filtration for guests. System to eliminate the need for plastic water bottles.