6 Passport Rules for Faster Renewal

October 10, 2019

Due to the surge in the number of applicants, it may be easier to apply for or update a passport in a timely manner than to say it, but following some little-known passport regulations may be helpful.

Kevin Brosnahan, a spokesperson for the State Council’s consular office, told me: “FY17 has set a new record for passport services.” The US State Department’s application for passport renewal has increased, thanks to the law promulgated in 2007. On the 10th anniversary, the law first stipulated passports for travel to Mexico and Canada (after all, adult passports are valid for ten years). Moreover, as the State Department warns that processing time will be longer than usual, it is important to ensure that your passport renewal application follows all rules to avoid spending more time.

For example, do you know how to take a valid passport photo and what files to include in the form? In addition, recent changes may bring the entire renewal process online.

Passport rules you need to know

To increase your chances of a quick and worry-free renewal (or first-time application), please follow the six passport rules below.

Know when to apply
The first step in renewing your passport is to identify when you need it. Know when your passport expires, especially if the country you visit requires six months of passport validity to enter the country, such as Brazil and Botswana. Unique passport rules also apply to people who may no longer be like photos. The State Department stated on its website that you are responsible for the following changes in appearance:

You may need to apply for a new passport if you meet the following criteria:

Major facial surgery or trauma
Added or removed many/large facial perforations or tattoos
Perform a lot of weight loss or weight gain
Gender transition
Take off those glasses

The next two rules are to take a valid passport photo, which is obviously a very difficult thing. “Photos that don’t meet our requirements are the number one reason to remove an app from standard processing,” Brosnahan told me. “We want to avoid delays as much as possible.”

The latest major change to the passport rules is that glasses are no longer allowed in your photos. This rule came into effect in November 2016 and of course also applies to sunglasses. Other passport regulations for your photo include size, light and background in white or off-white. Check all the rules for valid passport photo taking here.

Smile, but not too much
Yes, you can smile in the passport photo – not too big. The photo’s passport regulations require that your face “open your eyes with a neutral expression or a natural smile.”

“Contrary to popular belief, we have no rules against smiles!” Brosnahan said. “We just want to open our eyes and show the natural expression of the passport holder with a full face.”

Pay a new fee
The State Council announced in early 2018 that some passport processing fees increased by $10. Brosnahan said that it includes “all first-time passport applicants, all children under the age of 16 (first and renewal), and any adults who are renewing their passports over the age of 15. It will not affect anyone using the DS-82 form, DS The -82 form is a standard renewal for adults and is done by mail.”

Renewing by mail will require a check or money order to get the correct amount: here you will find the necessary fee amount based on your type of application.

Don’t forget your document
Some passport renewal applications require you to collect supporting documents, such as a citizenship certificate or a signed personal statement. If you are wearing religious clothing, you may think that your passport photo is invalid, and the person who cannot remove the glasses or other items for medical reasons can submit the doctor’s record as an exception.

Renewal of the passport also requires the applicant to mail the old passport, but please be assured that you can retrieve your passport with your new passport.

Keep an eye on online updates
Anyone with Internet access will be happy: you may soon be able to apply for a passport renewal without a passport. The online passport renewal has been around for a while, and Brosnahan told me that “the online passport renewal is a planned update and will be released in the near future.”