10 Crazy Las Vegas Tours Everyone Should Experience at Least Once

October 12, 2019

You know the famous chefs in Las Vegas, world-class restaurants and high-end tables. But the other side of the city of sin is just pleading for exploration. On your next trip to this neon-filled desert city, check out these unique Las Vegas tours to rethink the true meaning of a weekend in Las Vegas.

Wine yoga experience
Center yourself with a successful combination of breathing and Cabernet Sauvignon. The tasting yoga experience will satisfy your appetite while sharing a glass of wine with a like-minded yogi and a lot of fun. The glasses are usually outdoors, and your wine is in a souvenir cup so you can pour the refills at home and relive the magic of your holiday vacation Shawa Savannah.

Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Tour
Take a hot air balloon ride in Las Vegas and enjoy the Sin City side, taking you on a 3.5-hour trip through the Red Rock Canyon, the iconic Las Vegas Strip and other painted mountains. . There are even picnics and champagne toasts, or you can sign up in the winter, take off at sunset and fully enjoy the effects of the neon skyline.

Achieve your ambitious dreams with a 90-minute aerial trapeze course, and you can get up close and personal with the hidden crazy activities offered by Las Vegas. The guidance is provided by the circus professionals, and you will learn enough to try out the fancy release and catch-up action.

Las Vegas City Food Tour
Las Vegas may be famous for gambling, but it is also home to the most delicious and diverse cuisines in the entire country. The 2.5-hour unique Las Vegas Food Tour includes food and beverages from some of the city’s most popular attractions, as well as interesting stories about Las Vegas architecture, culture and history.

Freaky, quirky and wonderful bar crawling on Fremont Street
The bar jumps over the length of Fremont Street, and Fremont Street is a pedestrian street that leads directly to the historic downtown Las Vegas. Weaving between pavilions, admiring countless kitsch, finding art and light shows, and trying everything from tequila hazelnut wine to craft beer

Happy time for LINQ high buys
cocktail? check. Sky high observation wheel? check. Put them together and have a great time on The High Roller, a closed Ferris wheel with a stylish air-conditioned pod, each with a full bar. You have 30 minutes of looping with audio reviews so you know what you are looking at and a lot of iced adult drinks.

51 District Alien Tour
We are not alone, or at least this is the idea of ​​a private day-long private tour of the 51st district. Whether you are going to UFO to witness or wish to stumble upon a hidden treasure trove of treasures in this quiet military location, you will have the opportunity to find it on this exclusive, extraterrestrial-themed outing, with an alien theme. lunch.

Las Vegas Reality Show VIP Tour
Sometimes, Vegas seems to be a big reality show, we are all in the camera, but Silicon Valley also has actual TV shows. This fully-described Las Vegas tour takes ticket holders to the location of the film, which is used to perform Extreme Sports Card and Memorabilia, Tank Wars, Pawn Star and American Renaissance. You will also get VIP access so you can skip the queue, which is a big benefit because some websites can be very crowded.

Featured smashing violent room experience
Angry at the machine on Sin City Smash (or just to put your failure at the blackjack table in a safe place). You’ll be able to use a wide variety of fragile items, from cutlery to printers to fixtures. After wearing the safety gear, you will be able to choose weapons and enter the violent room to enjoy 15 minutes of unrestricted entertainment. You can even choose your own playlist, so your soundtrack matches your mood in this unique Las Vegas experience. Perhaps most importantly, all the debris is cleaned up by the staff and brought to the recycling bin to ensure everyone’s fun is environmentally friendly.

Las Vegas helicopter night flight
No matter how many times you have been to Las Vegas, once the sun sets behind the mountains, the Las Vegas Strip illuminates and the city is completely different. This flight takes 15 minutes and brings you a unique aerial view of legendary landmarks such as the historic city centre, the Bellagio Fountain and the Maritime Age Building. It includes sparkling wine and snacks, but you may be too busy to fully appreciate your snacks.